How To Use Google Product Extensions To Boost Your AdWords Ads Performance

So now that you’ve got your AdWords Call, Location, Social, and Seller Ratings Extensions revved up and ready to go, it’s time to talk about the one most involved in e-commerce: Product Extensions. Google AdWords Product Extensions play a huge part in not only your AdWords campaigns, but also in your Google Shopping endeavors. They are the glue that holds your Merchant Center and AdWords account together, that glimmer that captures shoppers’ eyes, the jetpack that propels you into the world of Google Shopping—

In all seriousness, though, Product Extensions are pretty darn important if you have anything going on in Google AdWords or Shopping. Your campaigns need them like this cat needs this coffee.

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So without further ado, let’s get down into it.

What Are Product Extensions?

In essence, Google AdWords Product Extensions link your Merchant Center to your AdWords account. When the two are joined, Product Extensions allow your AdWords campaigns to pull data from your Merchant Center feeds and display product ads, in either text or picture form, to web searchers.

Where and How Product Extensions Display

Product Extensions work in one of two ways on Google SERPs. In its simpler form, it displays prices and text links to specific product pages within your Google AdWords ads.

An example of Product Extension text links

In its second incarnation, Product Extensions work as a link between Google Merchant Center and AdWords to display Product Listing Ads.  As mentioned above, Product Extensions allow AdWords to pull information from your Merchant Center data feeds and display query relevant product ads to those browsing on Google.  These ads display above organic results or on the right hand side of Google SERPs.

An example of Google Product Listing Ads

Benefits of Product Extensions

Google Product Extensions boost your ads’ performance in a couple ways. The greatest benefit is that they make your ads more relevant. Product Extensions tailor product ads to customers’ queries and can bring them directly to a product that they may be interested in. This results in more qualified clicks and potentially increased conversions.

Product Extensions also have the added benefit of increasing your overall ad real estate. So in your ads, instead of containing one link to a landing page, you can get up to five: one to a designated page and four to product specific landing pages. Are customers glancing over your text ad? No problem! You now have four more chances at capturing their attention.

Costs of Product Extensions

Clicks on any link in your AdWords ad are charged the same cost-per-click, be it on a normal or a Product Extension link.

Product Extensions used in conjunction with Product Listing Ads are another story altogether. In this case, they are Product Listing Ads and run on a completely different set-up and bid system.

For more on Product Listing Ads and target bidding, check out our blog post on how to set up Product Listing Ads.

How to Set Up Product Extension Ads

Preliminary Steps: To set up Product Extension Ads, you must first link your Merchant Center Account to your AdWords account if you haven’t already done so already.

To link your accounts:

  1. Log into your Merchant Center account
  2. Expand the Settings menu
  3. Click “AdWords”
  4. Enter your AdWords customer ID under “Link AdWords Account”
  5. Hit “Link Account”
A screenshot showing how to link your Google Merchant Center and AdWords accounts

Linking Product Extensions to your AdWords Campaign:
From AdWords,

  1. Click into your desired campaign
  2. Click on the Ad Extensions tab
  3. Select “Product Extensions” from the drop down menu
  4. Click “+New extension”
  5. Select the Merchant Center account that contains your desired product feed
  6. Save

A screenshot showing how to set up Google AdWords Product Extensions

And that’s it for Google Product Extensions!  Stay tuned for our last chapter in our AdWords series – everything you need to know about Mobile Extensions.

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