Google AdWords Seller Rating Extensions: Get Endorsed By Your Customers!

Display Star Rating With Number of Reviews Received

What Are Google AdWords Seller Rating Extensions?

Remember when your teachers used to give you gold stars to show everyone how well you did in a project or homework assignment? AdWords Seller Rating Extensions are pretty much the same thing – except in this situation, customers are giving them to your e-commerce website to tell other shoppers how happy (or unhappy) they are with your service.

An example of a Seller Rating Extension in a paid ad

Seller Rating Extensions display a star rating along with the number of reviews your website has received.  Clicking on the seller reviews link will lead to a page where customers can see how well you score in shipping, customer service, price, and other nitty gritty factors that may convince them to shop with you over a competitor.

An example of Seller Ratings Extensions scoring in Google

Benefits Of Seller Rating Extensions

Nowadays, online shoppers are more discerning and do more research before they commit to buying a product or service.  When deciding what to buy or where to shop, they put a lot of stock in their fellow shoppers’ recommendations and experiences.

With Google’s gold stars (aka online shopper endorsement) smack-dab in the middle of your ad, users will know that yours is the store to go to!  Potentially, this increased customer confidence will rake in higher click-through rates and more qualified leads.

In a test at AdWords HQ, Google compared ads with Seller Ratings against those without.  Can you guess which one earned a 17% higher click-through rate?  You guessed it!  The ones with Seller Rating Extensions attached.

A screenshot comparing ads with Seller Rating Extensions and those without
Guess that’s where I’m shopping!

Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

Good news!  It costs absolutely nothing more to add Seller Rating Extensions to your ads.  Clicks that lead to your seller reviews page will not be charged and those that lead to your website will be charged on the usual cost-per-click (CPC) basis).

Where Seller Rating Extensions Display

Seller Rating Extensions appear in your ads right below your title text on SERPs on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that have full internet browsers.  Recently, I’ve also noticed more and more mingled with my organic results.  So how do they get there, you ask?  Read on!

A screenshot of Seller Rating Extensions on a Google SERP

How Can I Get Seller Rating Extensions On My Ads?

Prepare yourself for some bad news…  You can’t.  Google automatically appends the stars to your ads itself if it sees that your webstore is worthy.

Google lists these Seller Rating requirements on its AdWords support page:

  • Your campaign is opted into Google Search
  • Customer must be searching on,,,, or
  • You have at least 30 unique reviews over the last 12 months
    • At least 10 reviews must be in the customer’s Google interface language
  • You must maintain a 4 star average

In essence, two things you need to do to get Google approval are: 1: always provide excellent service, and 2: invite your customers to fill out a merchant review after their purchase.

Where Reviews Come From

According to Google, reviews are pulled from Google Wallet transactions and Google Shopping, which gathers reviews from third party websites all over.  I’ve noticed, however that the bulk of merchant reviews usually come from ResellerRatings, PriceGrabber, Epinions, and Yahoo.

To find out where they’re coming from, yourself, just click on the link next to a merchant’s stars. You will be taken to the merchant’s reviews page where sources can be found at the bottom right.

A screenshot of sources for seller reviews

Use this information to your advantage!  Are you lacking reviews from a certain website or missing some altogether?  Get out there and talk to your customers; Send some thank you e-mails encouraging them to review your service grow your numbers.  Remember that you only need thirty reviews to be eligible for Seller Ratings Extension to show with your ad, so get out there and start getting those stars!

Coming up next: show customers you’re the coolest kid on the block with Social Extensions!


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  1. Lance says

    Are there any negative effects on SEO if you start using a vendor and get bad reviews?

    • says

      Hi Lance,

      There shouldn’t be any negative effects on your SEO if you get bad reviews from a third party site. It would affect you indirectly however, if those review sites rank organically on your brand name and “reviews” or other related keywords. This makes bad reviews more an issue of brand and reputation management than SEO.

      Hope this helps!

  2. says

    Hi Cathy, has its reviews included in Google Merchant Reviews, they have just launched a free service where they collect reviews from your genuine customers (these reviews then get included to help google give you your overall rating). Unfortunately its only in the UK at the moment but we hope to expand into the US later this year.

    • says

      It’s great that you guys got picked up in Google’s merchant reviews! Getting ratings from diverse sources definitely gives seller credibility a bump. I’ll be waiting for its arrival stateside- please keep us posted!

  3. says

    Great post! Another review company whose reviews get integrated as seller ratings is ekomi Beside the nice effect of the CTR increase, which also helps with your quality score, by collecting reviews you will find out more what customers think about your company.

    • says

      Collecting reviews and diversifying their sources should definitely be an integral part of any e-commerce campaign. Thanks for the resource, Christian, I’ll be sure to check it out!

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