How To Strengthen Your AdWords Campaign With Google Sitelinks Extensions

Display Additional Website Links Under Your Text Ad

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Happy Monday everyone! Today, I’ll open this blog with… a pop quiz!

What is the three click rule of web navigation?

But I guess it’s a bit unfair to throw that out so early on in the work week, so I’ll go easy on you – The three click rule is a web design rule that states that users should be able to find the information that they’re looking for within three clicks. Any more and user experience plummets, leaving you with a frustrated user who will most likely bounce off to the next page on their SERP.

In a broader sense, the three click rule simply says that the easier it is for users to find what they’re looking for, them more successful your website will be.

This is where Google AdWords Sitelinks Ad Extensions come in.

What Are Google AdWords Sitelinks Extensions?

Sitelinks Ad Extensions allow you to display additional links to your website underneath your regular text ad. They only appear, however, for ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google SERPs (i.e. ads in the yellow “sponsored results” box).

In AdWords, you can select up to ten possible web pages to include in your Sitelinks Extension. When a customer conducts a search, Google will serve up the site links that are most relevant to their query, thereby giving customers quick access to the pages that they’re most interested in. (Why, hello again, three click rule!)

A screenshot of a Google AdWords Sitelinks Extension

Benefits of Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks Extensions expand your text ads’ real estate. That is, instead of showing just one link, you can show up to four – effectively getting more of your web pages in front of potential customers.

Site links are easy to change and edit, and you can even use them to promote your sales and special offers. Simply create or select a landing page advertising your promotion, apply it as one of your Sitelinks Extensions, and write a bit of compelling display text. With this method, you don’t have to write new ads every time you run a new promotion.

Below, two websites show you how to work it!

A screenshot illustrating how Sitelinks Extensions can be used to advertise promotions

Where and When Sitelinks Extensions Display

Sitelinks Extensions display beneath your Google AdWords ad, but only for the high-performance ads that appear above organic results (this applies to mobile phones, as well). So be sure to get your ads’ quality score up and create highly targeted and relevant landing pages!

Google suggests these best practices to get your ads into the top positions:

  • Maintain a high quality score
  • Create landing pages with unique content
  • Link different web page with each site link
  • Link relevant products and services
  • Employ the maximum allotted number of site links (10). This allows Google to pick and choose the most relevant links to display

For more information on display factors, see Google’s guide to Sitelinks Extensions.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Sitelinks Extensions?

When a customer clicks on one of your site links under your text ad, AdWords charges you for a standard cost-per-click. So basically, you’re getting more website advertising space for no additional cost!

Setting Up Sitelinks Ad Extensions

  1. Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords campaign
  2. Expand the Extensions menu and select Sitelinks Extensions
  3. Click the +New Extension button
  4. Select your campaign
  5. Click +Create New Extension under the extensions menu
  6. Input your display and destination URLs
  7. Save your work!

Select a campaign screenshot

Coming up next, Seller Ratings Extensions – how to get gold stars for your site!


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