Capture More Conversions With Google Call Extensions

Phone Number Offers Easy Contact Method

How Google Call Extensions Work

I don’t know about you, but I’ve made many a purchase decision based on whether or not there was a call extension attached to a company’s ad. They just make things so darn convenient!

Let’s say you forgot a loved one’s birthday and need the most beautiful flower arrangement ever. Stat. So you do a Google search for a florist in your area:

A screenshot of a Google AdWords results for the term

Two of these companies are local and one happens to be only a couple of blocks away! And from there, the flower-acquiring process is simply:

“Hi!  I’d like to order a bouquet of stargazer lilies…  Oh, whatever accent flowers you think are best- you’re the florist!  No, it’s all right, I can swing by and pick them up.  When will they be ready?  Okay, I’ll come by in an hour or so.  Thanks!”

Bam. Mandy Scott wins!

The Benefits of Call Extensions

Call extensions can tip the scales toward success when it comes to a conversion. By providing customers with a phone number and an easy way to reach your business, you significantly increase the chance that they take the step to contact you before the next guy down the list.

Where Call Extensions Display

Call extensions display at the end of your text ads on computers, laptops, tablets, and high end mobile devices. On mobile phones, customers can simply tap your phone number to call your business. On other devices, if an application such as Skype Click-to-Call is enabled, all they have to do is, well, click to call!

Setting Up Call Extensions

  1. Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab on your on your AdWords page
  2. Expand the Extensions menu
  3. Select Call Extensions
  4. Click the “+ New extension” to create a new location extension
  5. Input your information, select your preferences, and hit save

A screenshot showing the first steps of setting up a Google call extension

Using a Google Forwarding Number

If your business depends on phone calls as a source of conversions, Google forwarding numbers can provide you with detailed reporting regarding each call. They are assigned by Google and appear with your ad in place of your normal business number.

When a customer calls your Google forwarding number, AdWords routes the call to your business line, tracks call details, and spits them all out in a report including:

  • The cost of the call
  • The device used to call
  • The campaign that the call came from
  • The phone-through-rate of your ad (aka, CTR of phone calls)
  • Call times
  • Call duration
  • Caller area code

A screenshot showing how to set up a Google forwarding number

The Cost of Call Extensions

If a customer clicks to call your business number from a computer, laptop, tablet, or high end mobile device, you will simply be charged for a standard ad click.

If they dial your Google forwarding number, you will be charged $1 (or more if you set a bid-per-call) per call from a computer, laptop, or tablet. Clicks to call from mobile devices are charged as a standard ad click.

Controlling Where Call Extensions Show (Editing Device Options)

To control the devices on which you want your ads to display, go into your campaign settings and click “Devices” under “Desktops & laptops, mobile devices and tablets”. Here, you can choose to include or exclude devices and even filter by operating systems. This option may come in handy if you want to track conversions from different devices separately: say, mobile phone calls from laptop calls or even iOS callers versus those running Android.

A screenshot showing how to control device options for Google call extensions

Strategies for Using Call Extensions

Google allows only one call extension per campaign, so if your business has multiple locations, consider creating a separate campaign for each location. Doing so will allow you to target geographic keywords and set a different phone number for each location so that customers will reach the location most relevant to them or their search.

And now, with their powers combined, both call and location extensions will let potential customers know how to reach you and exactly where to find you!

Haven’t heard about location extensions yet? Check out our last Google extensions blog post and stay tuned to find out how you can pump up your AdWords ads with even more links to your website!


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