Google Location Extensions: Become A Local Search Powerhouse

Location Extensions Show for Searches in 20-Mile Radius

Imagine you’re headed to a friend’s end-of-summer/housewarming barbeque a couple of cities over. The weather couldn’t be nicer, your closest friends will be there, and in your trunk, you’ve got these nice, juicy, grass-fed steaks that you’ve been dying to get on the grill. It’s gonna be a good day.

You arrive just in time for the party, open up your trunk and suddenly realize… Shoot. You forgot the goods! What’s a barbeque without the meat?

So you run into your friend’s house to do a quick Google search for “natural food stores” and find:

An image of AdWords ads appended with Location Extensions.

Sweet! A natural food store just a couple blocks over, and you can even call them to see if they carry what you need. And thus, the day is saved by the power of Location Extensions.

Where and When Location Extensions Display

When a customer runs a search for your product or service, Google will display your Location Extension along with your ad based on the customer’s location, or their location of interest. At the ad level, they show for searches within a 20 mile radius, but that area can be increased or decreased in your ad settings.

An image showing an example of a Location Extension with an expanded map.

As shown in the example above, Location Extensions enhance your ad with your address and a link to directions, and can even include an expandable map if you link it to your Google Places account. This works on both desktop and mobile devices so that customers can find you while on the go.

The Benefits of Location Extensions

Overall, Location Extensions are a great way help customers find their way to your brick and mortar business.

On the search engine side, adding Location Extensions to your AdWords campaign greatly increases the overall relevancy and effectiveness of your ad campaign. With your locational information in its stores, Google can serve up better targeted ads, turn up more qualified leads, and increase your overall CTR.

Setting Up Location Extensions

You can set up Location Extensions at either the campaign level or the ad level.

Campaign Level Location Extensions

1. Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab on your on your AdWords page
2. Expand the Extensions menu
3. Select Location Extensions
4. Click “+ New extension”
5. From here, you can choose between manually entering your address or linking your extension to your Google Places account
6. Enter the required information, and you’re set!

A picture showing how to set up Location Extensions at the campaign level.

At the campaign level, you can include multiple business locations. When you have more than one listed, Google automatically displays your ad with the address that is most relevant to a user’s search. If a customer is not in your area, Location Extensions will not display with your text ads.

Ad Level Location Extensions

1. Navigate to the Ads tab on your AdWords page
2. Hover over your desired ad and click the pencil icon that appears
3. In the popup window, click the text “Always show with one address”
4. Select which location you’d like to link to that ad
5. Set your target location
6. Hit “Save”

A picture showing how to set up Location Extensions at the ad level.

Ad level Location Extensions override the campaign level and allow you to further tailor your targeting options. They are especially handy if you have multiple business locations with different hours, or are running different promotions.

You can also use ad level Location Extensions to tie a single address to a single ad and use locational, exact match keywords to create laser beam-like ads. These will not garner as many impressions as a normal ad, but boy, would they convert when they find the right customer!

And that’s that for Location Extensions! If you have any questions or comments about them, please post below!

Coming up next: find out how to turn your ad into a local search powerhouse by combining location and call extensions.


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