Pimp Your Google AdWords Ads

Make Ads Stand Out in a Sea of Text

When you’re searching on Google and get a page full of ads and search results, which do you click?  For me, it’s going to be the one that stands out.  Just like at a dealership: When you’re looking for a new car, which one catches your eye first?  Why, the one with the hot paint job, cool rims, and fuzzy dice, of course! The one that stands out and says, “Pick me!”

An image of a car painted in Google colors

So, how can you pimp out your AdWords Ads?  How do you make them stand out in a never ending sea of words and text?

Ad Extensions.

Like slapping spinning rims, flames, and fuzzy seats onto your car, Google AdWords Ad Extensions can breathe new life into your campaigns and make your ads more attractive, giving them the “Pick me” factor.

A comparison of a normal AdWords ad and one enhanced with Ad Extensions

What exactly ARE Ad Extensions?

Extensions are additional useful information added to your Adwords ads that can display your location, phone number, product offerings, additional page links, and even showcase your social media prowess.

An image containing examples of Google Ad Extensions

1.  Social Extensions: seller street cred
2.  Seller Ratings: more seller street cred
3.  Sitelinks Extensions: links customers to more relevant pages on your website
4.  Product Extensions: displays products from your feed that are relevant to search queries
5.  Call Extensions: lets customers call you with a click
6.  Location Extensions: shows customers where your brick and mortar location is
7.  Mobile App Extensions: gives customers quick access to your app (visible on smart phone searches)

Over the next week, I’ll be blogging about setup and each of the Ad Extensions in depth, so stay tuned to Pimp My Ads and see how you can transform your AdWords Ads into a high octane salesmobile!


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