Maximizing Your Google AdWords Using Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions Inspire Clicks, Conversions

If you aren’t including Ad Extensions in your AdWords campaigns, you may be losing out on some valuable readership.

Ad Extensions are continually enhanced by Google to boost user experience. Using Ad Extensions in your campaign, you can add additional information to your existing AdWords ads. Extensions will allow you to list additional webpages in SERPs, collect more +1s for your Google+ page, and display a map to your business. Overall, Ad Extensions inspire clicks and can bring customers to more relevant pages in your website.

Extensions can be added to your campaigns free of charge. AdWords will not charge you for clicks on maps or plusboxes, but only for those that lead directly to your website.

How To Set Up Google AdWords Ad Extensions

For new campaigns: The option to include Ad Extensions can be found at the final step in creating a new campaign. Clicking these options will expand a menu where you can add details.

For existing campaigns: Find the Ad Extensions tab in your campaign options. From there, simply expand the extensions options to select which ones to include in your campaign.

Types of Google AdWords Extension Ads

Types of Google AdWords Ad Extensions
An example of the Social, Sitelinks, Call, and Location Extensions.

Location Extensions Location extensions make it easier for customers to find your brick and mortar business. Especially useful in local search, location extensions display your address, phone number, and can even include an expandable map if you link it to your Google Places account.

Call Extensions Also known as click-to-call, call extensions provide customers with an easy and convenient way to contact you directly. On high-end mobile devices, customers can simply click your phone number to call.

Sitelinks Extensions Links to specific pages on your website that display underneath the Google search result. You can select up to ten pages to show. We recommend that you select three or four so you do not dilute link equity.

Social Extensions Attaches a Google +1 button to your ad if you have a Google+ account for your business.

Mobile App Extensions (For companies that have a mobile app) Mobile App Extensions display next to your ad text and give customers fast access to your app. If they don’t have the app yet, the extension shows a download button; if they already have it installed, the Mobile App Extension offers customers the option of browsing within the app’s interface.

For more details on ad extensions, check out Google’s Guide on enhancing your ads using extensions.


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