“Frequently Mentioned On The Web” – New Google SERPS Feature?

We just noticed what appears to be a new feature in Google Search Results pages for certain keywords in certain locations – a bar across the top of the SERP for sites “frequently mentioned on the web” – in this case the search term was “seattle attraction” and we were rewarded with results based on “Seattle Attractions frequently mentioned on the Web” – when you click on an image at the top, it takes you to another SERP with the website in question at the top.

Are you seeing this for your business or your clients? What sort of search terms are you seeing this for?

Frequently Mentioned On The Web


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  1. Dana says

    I have had a dig through it and it’s hard to know what has changed in individual searches and even weirder, hard to know why the results that show up do show up.

    • Melissa Smith says

      I’m wondering the same thing! I am thinking it is related to the Google Plus Places Page. What types of keywords / categories are you seeing it for?

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