Website Design And The Art Of Deoptimization

De-optimization and the Art of Website Love

I’m a search bastard. I’m a salty, crusty veteran of millions of search queries… and I have bitter fingers.

I judge websites… and loathe sites that senselessly and mindlessly vivisect my attention. Prying and trying to get me to click on any number of things, widgets, social links, feeds, badges… the noise is killing me!

Imagine that the mega busy website staring you straight in the kisser is a person. If it were facing or addressing you, what would it be saying?

Would it have OCD? Would it be chronically self-absorbed? Never bothering to ask you anything about yourself, would it speak a mile a minute – a speed freak? Would you be scared… should you run?

Is it trying to sell me, spin me – or does it even know or care anymore?

If I could speak to that website, if it would just let me get a word in…. I’d tell it to “Calm down and take a chill pill.” Then looking deeply in its eyes, without any dramatic hand gestures, and in my best inside voice… I’d say to it that the way to MY confidence is through a calm, direct and sincere approach.

Yes, I’m set in my ways, but I’m a pushover for a great looking website. I like my websites to be soft spoken, with personality and confidence. Well dressed, not too much, not too little. I don’t mind a little attitude and flair. I love when they listen, and make me feel important.

Beautiful websites don’t have try too hard, they are naturally alluring. People stop and take in the sight like a beautiful mirage in the middle of a bustling urban oasis.

What makes a website beautiful in your eyes? What do you love, or hate? Tell us in the comments below.


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