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Pinterest: Have You Read the Fine Print?

Social Newcomer Under Fire for Copyright Infringement

Pinterest | Image & Video Sharing Social Media PlatformNew Terms of Service Released in Wake of Copyright Issues

As you have probably noticed, the popularity of Pinterest has spread like wildfire over the past several months; and for good reason. The 2-year-old photo & video sharing site is the social media version of Mary Poppins’ purse: a bottomless source for anything and everything you could have ever dreamed of wanting to find…and the perfect stumbling ground for ideas you’d never have through to look for.

Recently, the social newcomer has come under fire for copyright infringement. In this Business Insider article, one Photographer/Lawyer/Pinterest user shares her in-depth exploration of Pinterest’s policies around copyright law and its enforcement thereof.

Pinterest made an announcement Friday about the release of a new set of terms of service by email and on the Official Pinterest blog. Their new Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy are all available on their website and will become official on April 6th, 2012.

In this age of social-sharing, many companies would kill for the exposure and social reach that can be achieved from the circulation of an image via Pinterest. On March 8th, Mashable reported on a study done by Shareaholic, stating that “Pinterest referred more traffic to publishers than Twitter.” While this can be seen as a huge positive by many, the underlying issue is likely to be that companies feel that they are losing ultimate control over their content. In addition to the policy changes that they are rolling out, Pinterest has also created and published a piece of code that can be added to any website in order to block the “Pin It” button.

Despite the controversy, hundreds of brands have continued to jump aboard the social platform.

As a business or just a single user, where do you stand with Pinterest? Most importantly, have you read the fine print?


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