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Blossoming Marketing Services in 2012

From Websites to Google Ads & Amazon, We Do it All

At our core, VRC is a marketing company. Aside from our design work, we wanted to bring your attention to some of our other important services.

Social Media Marketing Plan Development
This printed and bound marketing plan contains a comprehensive roadmap for using social media for your business.  It is a marketing plan built exclusively for you that contains complete strategy, campaigns, schedules and tracking. This plan is applicable for any company that wants to succeed in social media marketing.

Social Media Account Optimization and Customization
Customize your social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with branded graphics and enhancements. These accounts each offer their own options for customization and optimization to enhance the overall experience under your brand.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords continues to evolve. The current AdWords has functions and options that simply can’t be ignored. If it’s been more than one or two years since you’ve utilized this service, contact us to run a new marketing trial.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook’s advertising programs are producing solid results for many of our clients.  While it may not be a perfect fit for all, it is easy and affordable to perform a proof of concept trial to test the results. The beauty of this advertising is that you can test the waters with a small budget and no long-term commitment.

For more information about these or any of our services, call us today: 888-736-4367 or ask us questions in the comments below!


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