New Keyword In Google Analytics: (Not Provided)?

You may have noticed a change in how Google Analytics is recording and reporting your traffic from Google in the last month; there’s a new keyword in town, and it’s called (not provided). This “keyword” represents any and all keywords used by website readers that found your website through a Google search query while logged into their Google Account.

Keyword Not Provided In Google Analytics

Google announced this change in their blog on 10/18/2011, stating that “As search becomes an increasingly customized experience, we recognize the growing importance of protecting the personalized search results we deliver.” As internet marketers and website owners, this change has presented us with a new challenge in our quest to determine the health and success of our website in the eyes of the Google.

Do not despair, if you use Google Analytics to regularly monitor the popular keywords that drive traffic to your website, you have another option within Google’s suite of products to help you understand the keywords that are delivering visitors. In Google Webmaster Tools you can find the top 1,000 search queries that have delivered traffic to your website in the last 30 days.

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