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5 Must-Know Facebook Business Page Features

Tips to Save Time, Confusion When Managing Biz Pages

Like this on Facebook!If you administer several different business pages, you may have found yourself constantly switching back and forth between yourself and your various pages. For a long time, it seemed that this was the only way to get things done. Thankfully, Facebook has made some changes in your favor!

Whether you manage one or a hundred pages, here are a few tips that will save you some time and confusion going forward!

1. The “Use Facebook As Page” option.

Once upon a time, it was awkward and complicated to get to your page from your personal profile. And it was awkward and complicated to get back. Now, there is a “Use Facebook As Page” option under the account tab at the top right of your page. Select that and you will be able to choose from the list of any pages that you administer. When you want to switch back to being you, simply visit the Account drop down again and select “Switch back to…”

2. Stop “Liking” Yourself!

Has this happened to you: You posted something on your business page, and then went back to your personal page to “like” what your business page has just posted. Only when you look to see who has liked your business page’s post, it shows that your business page is liking its own posts all the time?!

You can (and should) put a stop to that right now:

  • Use Facebook As Page
  • Click on the Edit Page Button on the upper right
  • Select “Your Settings” from the menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • UNcheck the box next to Posting Preferences

3. “Add to My Page’s Favorites”

You no longer have to switch back and forth between profiles and pages in order to “Like” a page on behalf of your business page. While you’re browsing around with your Personal Profile, you will notice that when you are looking at a Business Page, on the left-hand side below the profile picture, you will see a link that says “Add to my page’s favorites”

Click on this link and a list of all of your business pages will pop up. Select the page that you would like to add this page as a favorite to and continue on with your browsing.

4. Featured Likes

When viewing the profile for your Business Page, you’ll notice that the other pages that you like are featured on the left hand side. If you would like to select which pages are shown there, you can!

Click “Edit Page” from your business home or profile page. Select “Featured” from the menu on the left hand side. Click on the button that says “Add Featured Likes.” You can choose up to 5 pages that will be featured there all the time. Or, you can choose more than 5 and Facebook will rotate them through.

5. Featured Page Owners

Increase the visibility of key business page owners by featuring their Facebook profiles on the left hand side of your page. Follow the steps for adding Featured Likes to your page and instead, select “Add Featured Page Owners” and follow the steps!

Is there something that you love or hate about the latest incarnation of the Facebook Business Page?


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  1. KG says

    When you set up a company page, are you required to create a profile as well? I don’t want a specific profile associated with my company’s page, but I will make myself an admin.

    • Joanna says

      Hey KG!

      When you set up a Business Page, you aren’t required to set up a Personal Profile. The administrators of your Business Page aren’t visible to anyone who views your page; they can only be seen by other admins unless you set yourself (or them) as featured owners.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!



  2. Vin says

    I understand number one, and It actually worked for me. However it is no longer there. Whe I click on accounts, the “Use Facebook as Page” option is no longer there, it disapeared! How do I get it back??? I origanlly made a business page and accidently made a profile page for it. So I would always log in and clcik on “USe Facebook as page” however it is now gone, and I dont know what to do. I need to log onto my business page.

    • Joanna says

      Hi Vin, that’s a very good question.

      I think I may need a little bit more information. When you said that you “accidentally made a profile page” for your business page, do you mean that you now have two separate pages or only a Personal Profile?

  3. Karen Nierlich says

    Hi Megan and Joanna,

    I wanted to add that while that company might not know you “liked” them, they will know if you comment on their site from your business site. If you are interested in a business, commenting on their FB, YouTube or Twitter pages can be a good way to get to know them. One of my colleagues says YouTube business pages are “lonely” and even popular videos don’t get many comments, so it can be a way of making friends with businesses of interest. Use your business page of course.

    • Joanna says

      Great points Karen! Thank you!

      We certainly agree: spreading the love across multiple channels is a great way to grow and strengthen your network.

      We’d love to connect with you on Twitter! @eqmarketing

  4. says


    Question…when I select a business page to become one of my favorites, does something on their end tell them I did that? I know that if a person “Likes” my page it notifies me, but I wasn’t sure if that happens when I select other businesses to becomes my page’s favorites.

    Thank you.

    • Joanna says

      Hi Megan, great question!

      At this point, Facebook does not notify Business Pages when they have been “Liked” or added to another Business Page’s favorites. So for now, the real benefit to adding Pages to your favorites lies in the ability to then tag that Page in your posts thus broadening both your visibility and theirs.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to send them our way!

  5. Karen Nierlich says

    Wahoo! I was “liking” myself on a fashion Facebook page I’m writing. You just solved one of my problems…

    ….great how-to info.

    Cheers, Karen

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