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Build Stronger Connections With Your Website Audience

Tips to Grow Deeper Relationships With Website Audiences

Building connections with your audience gives you the chance to show your business in a different light, and to develop the consumer trust and loyalty that is necessary for business success.  These 5 tips will allow you to foster a deeper relationship with your website audience, and help you remember that there is a real person behind each email address.

  1. Make a Plan. Before you can achieve success, you must first understand what your goals are, and figure out how to get there. Come up with ideas to help you connect with your clients that are new, fresh, and applicable to your business. Write them down. Put these ideas in a realistic schedule to help you stay on track. Start implementing them and monitor the results.
  2. Make each correspondence count. When you are conducting business online, you never know who is on the other side.  The person sending you an email could be the next best customer you’ll ever have.  Remember this each time you communicate with a current or potential client, and treat them accordingly.
  3. Be unique. When you look at website after website, they quickly begin to blend together.  Do something different. Create an online identity that makes you stand out as a unique business with something special to offer, not just another anonymous website.   Your customers are unique individuals; they should see you the same way.
  4. Be helpful. Be interested in what your client’s needs are above your own.  Provide them with information that they will find interesting, even if it won’t lead directly to a sale.  If they want information or a product that you don’t have, help them find it somewhere else.  Putting your visitor’s needs above your own, you will foster trust and consumer loyalty that can’t be bought.
  5. Encourage ratings and reviews. We live in a day and age where what other people think is more important that what you say.  Give your customers the opportunity to rate and review their transactions, and provide your website visitors with the third party information they are looking for.

The key to building connections online is to remember that your audience is first and foremost human.  Although we often measure success by clicks, conversions, and ROI, don’t forget that there are real customers behind the statistics and they are what really matters.


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