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SortPrice and the Facebook Wishlist

App Allows You to Shop, Compare, Read Reviews, and Add to Wishlist

Sounds like the title to a children’s book.  The potential ramifications certainly point to thousands of Facebook users suddenly giddy with child-like excitement upon receiving notification that the special item they have had on their wishlist is now available at the price they are willing to pay. And it is a simple Facebook Application.  So right there in my toolbar, I now see every application that can get me through any day: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Bejeweled Blitz, Foodfight and now… Wishlist.

Wishlist. Brought to you by the clever people at (of course you must be logged in to see anything at this link)


But what does it do?  How does it wrangle potential shopping masses from Facebook status additions and virtual farming into a comparison shopping realm?

It’s not that complicated.  This application allows you to shop for things, find them, COMPARE them to others, read and write reviews and then place your wanted items in a wishlist.  Sounds like, right?  The difference is with Facebook  the items in your wishlist are broadcast for all to see, either on your profile or on the live feed to your friends.  You can also elect to not have those products posted and visible.  If a friend clicks the product you have posted, they are taken directly to the merchant’s site that is selling the product, presumably after dropping a tracer through SortPrice.

This is a HUGE advantage to merchants advertising in SortPrice.  It brings e-commerce to the fingertips of an incredibly diverse audience, who already spend a large amount of time on Facebook.

But wait! There’s more!


It wouldn’t be your standard issue Facebook application without some sort of competition with others on Facebook.  Monthly,  SortPrice and Wishlist hold a points gathering competition to earn  $100.00, usable towards items on your own wishlist.  So there is the strategic motivation that Facebook game players seek: who can get the most points?  Doing different things within the Wishlist application earn you points. Simply adding items to your wishlist can get you points.  It’s a shoppers Facebook dream!

Could this be the hook we’ve all needed to bring e-commerce to the masses virally through social media?

I am eager to hear how this worked for SortPrice and their merchants following the holiday season.


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