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Mahogany Wood Tribute Keyword Results in Unusual Products

When a person, such as I, researches comparison shopping engines like Google Product Search as much as I do, one is bound to come upon those special products that makes you scratch your head in consumer wonderment.

Over the next few months, I will bring you prime examples of just those types of products.  Please… (and I really mean this) subscribe to our Side Tracked section here and offer up your findings as well so we can all share in a moment of hmmm.

That being said, the product I offer up, in this the inaugural edition of Side Tracked, was found using Google Product Search.  The keyword was Mahogany Wood Tribute. What made this a stand alone front runner for the first edition of Side Tracked was not the keyword, though the result was a surprise. It was not the merchant or even the product itself.  It was the whole package.  It was the simple fact that really DOES sell just about everything.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Majestic Mahogany Wood Casket by Star Legacy Funeral Network , as featured at, where merchants are invited to liquidate excess inventory through the Internet.


In case you were wondering, this product DOES qualify for free shipping and can be at your doorstep in 5 to 10 business days.

Now you may not find this as amusing as I did and you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  I am no way poking fun at the merchant, the product or those who might use this product.  I also have to say, these are simply opinions of the author and does not come from the owners/operators of Vertical Rail or Writing the Rail.  It is intended to make the reader go hmmm.

Until next time,


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