Using Shopping Campaigns in Google Adwords

Shopping campaign selection

Shopping Campaigns are a type of Google AdWords advertising campaign that display Product Listing Ads on a Google search results page, in a box separate from AdWords text ads.  Shopping Campaign ads show on the Google Search Network and on Google Search Partner websites, which include associated sites like AOL.

Example of Shopping Campaigns
How Shopping Campaigns appear in the Google search results

These campaigns let you adjust location targeting, country of sale, campaign priority, ad scheduling, bidding, and the shopping channels through which your products are sold (in store or online).

Shopping Campaigns differ from other AdWords campaign types because they directly use the information from your Merchant Center to determine when to display your ads.

The direct link between Shopping Campaigns and your Merchant Center data feed lets you browse and organize your entire inventory without having to consult separate product data. These campaigns use product groups to subdivide inventory based on product attributes listed in your data feed. This allows for easy adjustment of products with different attributes.

Since Shopping Campaigns don’t use keywords, the process for changing when your ads appear is a little different. If you want to adjust which queries your ads appear for, you must tweak the information in your data feed.  This is where optimization comes in handy.

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    This is great. These campaigns let you show location targeting, country of sale, campaign priority and other shopping channels through which your products are sold.

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