Intentwise Agency Partner

Insights, Execution, Planning & Measurement

We are proud to partner with Intentwise, a powerful ad-tech and analytics platform that helps our team make smarter decisions for our clients. The Intentwise Ecommerce Cloud of solutions activates comprehensive data pipelines for our ecommerce data, enables advanced reporting, provides easy access to Amazon Marketing Cloud, and optimizes advertising performance with sophisticated automation and AI.

The Intentwise Ad Optimizer makes the most meaningful changes in account performance viewable at a glance. Intentwise automatically sorts performance metrics by campaign, sub-brand, search terms, and more, and maps out the biggest drivers of performance changes every time we log in. With the Ad Optimizer, we can implement daily bid recommendations, or take our own actions through automated rules or AI. 

Intentwise Ad Optimizer Features:

Intentwise Analytics Cloud unlocks a 360-degree view of your data, revealing the connections between ads, inventory, customer reviews, and retail data. Intentwise’s proprietary algorithm automatically downloads and organizes all of our e-commerce reports, leading to faster analysis and load times. 

Intentwise Analytics Cloud Features:

Intentwise Explore is a platform that supercharges Amazon Marketing Cloud, making it easy to calculate New-To-Brand metrics or customer paths to purchase across client accounts. All of the deep insights of Amazon Marketing Cloud are now at our fingertips. We can choose from a library of customizable queries and audiences, and schedule them to run at regular intervals. That way, as the results roll in, we can focus on innovation for our clients.

Intentwise Explore Features:

Intentwise empowers us to ditch the manual processes and pains around acquiring data, interpreting it, and putting it into action. With Intentwise, the time spent organizing and analyzing data shrinks, so we can invest more time and focus in trailblazing new outcomes for our customers.

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