Google Ads Management

Develop Highly Effective Results-Based Strategies

Our team of PPC specialists works with you to determine the appropriate strategy to meet your business goals. It’s critical for us to evaluate your current strategies to see what may or may not be working. This helps us identify areas that are lacking, where budgets are being used ineffectively, and determine a strategy customized to engineer profit for your business.

As a Google AdWords SMB (Small-Medium Business) Partner, Vertical Rail has been recognized as achieving and maintaining elite standards of client results, retention, customer service, and product knowledge.

We provide businesses with knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive growth.

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Expert Evaluation

We will assess your current Google Ads strategies and identify what you are doing correctly and where there is room for improvement.

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Identify Blind Spots

Are there aspects of Google Ads that are not being used that should be?

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Find Opportunity

Perhaps bids need to be adjusted, or ad groups are not segmented in a way in which to provide optimal results.

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Visibility & Reach

Identify and serve your business or products to the right people – the ones who need your products or services.

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It all comes down to the bottom line. Our team will develop a plan that increases the bottom line profitability of your business in Google Ads.

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It’s our job to know what is coming in Google Ads. We’ll share our findings and prepare you for what is next in helping you accomplish your business goals using Google Ads.

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