Google Shopping: What You Need to Know


We are proud to announce that our General Manager, Linda Bateman, will be a presenting speaker at the Affiliate Summit West 2015 marketing conference at the Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. Linda will be speaking about Google Shopping and discussing what affiliates and managers need to know for …read more »

Vertical Rail Welcomes New Intern

"E-commerce is a crucial building block of the world economy. It's connecting businesses with consumers in ways that have never been possible before. My first few days at Vertical Rail have been awesome, and I'm excited for what I'll be learning during the rest of my time here."

Meet Vertical Rail’s new intern – Michele Moody. Michele is an accomplished Global Economics major, Political Science minor, attending her final year at UCSC. She recognizes the future of e-commerce as growing, and is excited to be able to complement her education with real-world experience and practical application. Passionate about …read more »

Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

Why are Facebook advertisements a significant marketing tool for Ecommerce businesses? Answer: Facebook is wealth of knowledge and data relating to pin-pointing as specific as an audience as you need.  This could be done by targeting an audience based on lifestyles, interests, geographical location and more.  By creating ads that …read more »