Native Advertising: The New Standard in Mobile Marketing Strategy

With continued explosion of global smartphone and tablet usage, native advertising is asserting itself as a new standard for mobile marketing strategy. Companies are beginning to reap the rewards of prioritizing user experience as a consideration of display advertising methodology. 2015 expects to further realize returns through native efforts, meaning advertisers and marketers will need to shift their focus if they wish to remain competitive and … read more »

Social Commerce Platforms: Which is Best for My Business?

Innovative retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers are using social commerce apps to drive social engagement and increase sales directly through social media.  However, success in social commerce is more than just plugging in your products and waiting for people to buy.  Success is a result of strategy, technology and engagement. A large number of merchants have learned firsthand that just because you post it doesn’t mean consumers will buy. That understanding is now fueling the innovation of the top social commerce platforms and app developers. Here are a few of the industry’s top performers: ShopTab Why ShopTab? Provides a complete eCommerce set up within your Facebook page. Offers various other apps you can use, such as SharedDeal, which enables you to create a Daily Deal Store on social media for your customers. Allows for a mobile-friendly Facebook shop. Highly versatile – has Facebook shops in over 70 countries and accepts over 50 currencies. You can optimize your product titles with various colors, sizes, and other unique attributes, which provides your customers with more information about your … read more »

Generate Great Backlinks from Great Content

Content is one crucial aspect of a website that easily gets overlooked. All too often website owners, managers or marketers write content without ever understanding its true potential. Well optimized content (written, video, photo) signals to search engines what your business is about and helps to ‘categorize’ your site, products, and services in the SERPS.  Content also puts your site, products, and services in context for your readers. It helps spread information, creates a sense of business culture, and plays a big role in consumer engagement.  But one of the major benefits of content that is frequently overlooked is backlink generation. In short: build GREAT content and backlinks will follow. So, why does great content generate great backlinks? It’s Easy! Content that helps people, informs or excites is more likely to be shared by others via a link from their social account, blog, or website. People will link to an excellent blog post, video, image, webinar, or infographic because it helps build a reputation of quality – both for your business and the business/individual who linked to … read more »

5 Simple Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site More Customer-Centric

Online sales are more relevant now than ever.  Each year, eCommerce sales grow by leaps and bounds. However one of the main reasons people continue to shop at brick-and-mortar locations is for the exceptional level of customer service that many eCommerce websites cannot compete with. While shopping online is the ultimate convenience, many people appreciate the fact that they get to touch and experience the products first-hand in brick-and-mortar stores.  Perhaps even more important is the fact that they can settle disputes, get answers to important questions, and receive real, live human interaction. We want to see eCommerce sites offer the same level of customer service that brick-and-mortars do, because their customers expect it.  Here are 5 simple ways to make your eCommerce website more … read more »

Alternative Social Media

A good social media marketing strategy is essential to any e-commerce business in 2014. Whether your goal is to increase site traffic, brand awareness, or conversions, it’s well worth while to explore the marketing potential of social media.  At the moment Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the names atop many marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t mean other forms of social media should be overlooked. Taking a look at alternative social media platforms (the smaller guys) can help diversify and expand the reach of any marketing effort. Before implementing a marketing plan, it is absolutely essential to have a working knowledge of the social communities you’ll be engaging with.   Instagram Instagram is a free mobile app that allows users to easily share photos and video. A picture is worth a thousand words, and sharing well composed photos can crate buzz around a brand or product. Merchants can showcase their products, show a human side to the company, or simply participate in the community, anything to engage potential customers. Ultimately, Instagram offers two distinct opportunities for merchants: the ability to easily distribute visual content, and the potential to reach an audience of over 150 million mobile … read more »

Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

Why are Facebook advertisements a significant marketing tool for Ecommerce businesses? Answer: Facebook is wealth of knowledge and data relating to pin-pointing as specific as an audience as you need.  This could be done by targeting an audience based on lifestyles, interests, geographical location and more.  By creating ads that are relevant and appealing to your specific audience, you can realize goals such as creating a wider pool of Facebook “Likes” or increased traffic to website. Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to target a wide audience and account for various demographics.  You can track the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads campaign through in-depth data relating to costs, reach and other pertinent data.  Also, editing and modifying your ads is an option to gauge the relative effectiveness of your campaigns.  Using this method, one can apply new trends to the existing … read more »

How to Link A Google Plus Page & YouTube Channel

Connecting Google To YouTube & Attaining “GoogTube Plus” Disclaimer: this strategy has become invalid for many users as YouTube has ‘updated’ and removed many of the outlined options. Watch to see how to take an existing YouTube Channel that is currently linked to a Google+ Profile and link it to your Google Plus business Page while not losing any videos or data. httpv:// Why Link Your Business’s YouTube Channel to a Google+ Page As YouTube becomes a stronger marketing tool and an even stronger SEO ranking factor for online businesses, it is increasingly important that your business’s YouTube Channel is clearly & properly linked to not only your company website, but your Google+ business Page. When organized and linked correctly, I call it, “GoogTube … read more »

Google+1s, SEO Ranking & Author Authority

What’s The Real Power Of +1? In the last two days, controversy over the search engine ranking power of Google +1s has had the SEO world buzzing. What really is the importance of accumulating +1s for your content? How does it affect search rankings? Are +1s more powerful than Facebook likes or retweets? Yesterday, Cyrus Shepard published an article at that claimed a direct link between Google +1s and higher search rankings. The article was based off of a year-long Moz SEO Study that shows Google +1s as a top ranking signal. Google’s Matt Cutts was quick to rebut Shepard’s article, making the assertion that Google +1s do not have any direct impact on search rankings. Cutts implies that, at best, the relationship is correlative, but in no way causative. Cutts instead focuses on the claim that authors who create great content will see the ranking benefits of simply creating that great content. +1s, shares, links & ranking just come with the territory. Authors & content creators who are chasing +1s solely for the purpose of higher rankings are wasting their time and sending spammy signals to … read more »

Social Video – Vine Becoming Marketing Power Tool For E-commerce Businesses

Are you ready to start pulling in more traffic and sales from your social media efforts? It’s no secret that social media is a wide open frontier for e-commerce marketing. Unfortunately, only a handful of retailers have found success in this domain.  Most social media advertisements either fly under the radar or are met with a closing click.  This is why social media driven sales continue to be dwarfed in comparison to search marketing, PPC, email marketing & more. The Emerging Power of Social Video The best bet to convert social media attention into sales is to provide your followers with valuable and shareable social content that drives them to your website’s landing page using a link. Social media video content has become one of the most powerful tools to accomplish this goal and drive sales for your e-commerce business. In her article, “Vine Videos Are A New Way of Marketing Your eCommerce Business”, Brianna Wills confirms that social video platforms like Vine are becoming indispensable as e-commerce marketing … read more »

Google Analytics: A Closer Look

See how Google Analytics has changed and how it can affect eCommerce The new version of Google Analytics isn’t exactly new; it’s been available for months. However, many have avoided it for the sake of efficiency, especially those in eCommerce. While the old version runs fine and has become comfortable for many people, the new features and available data make switching over a logical decision. The decision to make the move might soon be made for you, as Google has begun making it the default version and gives me the impression that the old version may not be around for much longer. The most noticeable change is the new interface. A first glance, especially for those of you who have been using GA for a long time, will likely strike you with terror. You’ve probably thought, “I can’t find anything here,” as you move your cursor to click ‘Use Older Version.’ However, if you take some time to look around, you’ll find some things that might excite you. Everything has been streamlined and the interface is more intuitive. Google has crammed a ton of information into drop tabs that nicely organize into a few main categories. Here are some of the more noticeable changes: Site overlay is now known as In-Page Analytics. It’s also now listed under the content tab. It’s been around for about a year now in Beta testing on the old version and is fully operational in the new one. Mobile traffic tracking has been expanded to show manufacturer, model, interface type, OS and more while featuring all the same attributes as your standard traffic tracking. You can even see how many transactions came from these phones, which has great eCommerce potential. A Visitor Flow graph has been added to show how people are navigating a site and can be sorted by a variety of filters. Multi-channel funnels have been added, as well as assisted conversions, allowing you to see exactly how different channels are working together. Seeing how many conversions are coming from what campaigns is a powerful tool. A Social Media component has been integrated, allowing you to use Analytics to track the effectiveness of your Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media campaigns in conjunction with the rest of your marketing … read more »