Native Advertising: The New Standard in Mobile Marketing Strategy

Example of Native Ad

With continued explosion of global smartphone and tablet usage, native advertising is asserting itself as a new standard for mobile marketing strategy. Companies are beginning to reap the rewards of prioritizing user experience as a consideration of display advertising methodology. 2015 expects to further realize returns through native efforts, meaning …read more »

Social Commerce Platforms: Which is Best for My Business?

Innovative retailers, e-tailers, and manufacturers are using social commerce apps to drive social engagement and increase sales directly through social media.  However, success in social commerce is more than just plugging in your products and waiting for people to buy.  Success is a result of strategy, technology and engagement. A …read more »

Generate Great Backlinks from Great Content

Content is one crucial aspect of a website that easily gets overlooked. All too often website owners, managers or marketers write content without ever understanding its true potential. Well optimized content (written, video, photo) signals to search engines what your business is about and helps to ‘categorize’ your site, products, …read more »

5 Simple Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site More Customer-Centric

Online sales are more relevant now than ever.  Each year, eCommerce sales grow by leaps and bounds. However one of the main reasons people continue to shop at brick-and-mortar locations is for the exceptional level of customer service that many eCommerce websites cannot compete with. While shopping online is the …read more »

Alternative Social Media

A good social media marketing strategy is essential to any e-commerce business in 2014. Whether your goal is to increase site traffic, brand awareness, or conversions, it’s well worth while to explore the marketing potential of social media.  At the moment Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the names atop many …read more »

Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

Why are Facebook advertisements a significant marketing tool for Ecommerce businesses? Answer: Facebook is wealth of knowledge and data relating to pin-pointing as specific as an audience as you need.  This could be done by targeting an audience based on lifestyles, interests, geographical location and more.  By creating ads that …read more »

Social Video – Vine Becoming Marketing Power Tool For E-commerce Businesses

Are you ready to start pulling in more traffic and sales from your social media efforts? It’s no secret that social media is a wide open frontier for e-commerce marketing. Unfortunately, only a handful of retailers have found success in this domain.  Most social media advertisements either fly under the …read more »

Getting the Most Out of Facebook Ads

Earlier this week, I listened to a Facebook marketing webinar hosted by Marketing Profs and sponsored by Facebook. As the social media giant has been making strides towards going public, they have been making an effort to engage directly with small business owners and marketers more and more. Any time …read more »

Google Analytics: A Closer Look

See how Google Analytics has changed and how it can affect eCommerce The new version of Google Analytics isn’t exactly new; it’s been available for months. However, many have avoided it for the sake of efficiency, especially those in eCommerce. While the old version runs fine and has become comfortable …read more »

Protecting Your Business’ Reputation: Part I

What is Reputation Management & Why is it Important? The definition of reputation management is simply: listening and responding to information (feedback, comments, complaints, praise, etc) about your business online. Sounds simple enough, right? Social media has created an entirely new landscape for how people can find and share information. …read more »

Current Trends In SEO, Social Media, And Other Online Marketing: A Guest Post By Sugarrae

Rae Hoffman-Dolan recently reached out and offered to guest-write for the blogs of her online community. We asked Rae a series of questions about current trends in SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Linking Strategies. We’d like to thank Rae for her thoughtful answers, and invite our readers to add their …read more »