Alternative Social Media

A good social media marketing strategy is essential to any e-commerce business in 2014. Whether your goal is to increase site traffic, brand awareness, or conversions, it’s well worth while to explore the marketing potential of social media.  At the moment Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the ... read more »

Social Video – Vine Becoming Marketing Power Tool For E-commerce Businesses

Are you ready to start pulling in more traffic and sales from your social media efforts? It’s no secret that social media is a wide open frontier for e-commerce marketing. Unfortunately, only a handful of retailers have found success in this domain.  Most social media advertisements either fly ... read more »

Google Analytics: A Closer Look

See how Google Analytics has changed and how it can affect eCommerce The new version of Google Analytics isn’t exactly new; it’s been available for months. However, many have avoided it for the sake of efficiency, especially those in eCommerce. While the old version runs fine and has become ... read more »