The Importance of Planning for Back to School Shopping

Product Feed for BTS

Back to school is a big shopping event and many online retailers say that back to school shopping takes place 1-2 months before school begins. It is crucial to pre-strategize an eCommerce plan that will meet your customers’ needs and your business’ success. Things to Consider when Planning for Back …read more »

How to Optimize Product Titles by Categorizing Color

As a frequent online shopper, it is frustrating to do a product search that contains color and not find what I am looking for. Color can be subjective; although unique hues can differentiate shades or speak to a brand, it makes online shopping complicated. In the fashion industry, mauve is …read more »

Quick Tips for Good Google Shopping Titles

Bad product titles can confuse shoppers, raise costs, discourage clicks, and have many more adverse effects on your Google Shopping campaign. While optimizing titles SKU by SKU can be very tedious, eliminating bad titles from your product feed can have profound effects on impressions, clicks, and conversions. These quick tips …read more »

Data Feed Basics for Comparison Shopping Engines

Getting Into Comparison Shopping: Step 1, The Data Feed Is your business ready expand into comparison shopping engines (CSEs)?  You’ll need to get your hands on a product data feed to start! Follow the Vertical Rail blog for our upcoming series of posts focused specifically on data feeds.  Today we …read more »

Shopping Engine Management & Product Data Feed Optimization Services

VIDEO: We Start Where Other Companies Stop You have to be relentless in pursuing results, going deeper, being tenacious in your efforts to be better than yesterday and better than you’re competition right now. If you’re ready to save time, increase profit, and get your business to the next level, …read more »

A Hidden Opportunity to Optimize: Google Image Search

Virtually everyone involved in online marketing understands the importance of on-page image optimization. However, did you ever consider image optimization in Google Image Search as a potential source of traffic to your e-commerce store? On July 27, 2012, Google removed Product Search results from the One Box and isolated them …read more »

An Easier Way To Set Up Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) And Why You SHOULDN’T Do It

In an effort to get merchants into the swing of paid listings, Google has introduced a new, more streamlined way to set up Google Product Listing Ads.  It’s a quick three step process that Google hopes will draw in merchants who are not well-versed in AdWords, or who think that …read more »

Google Analytics: A Closer Look

See how Google Analytics has changed and how it can affect eCommerce The new version of Google Analytics isn’t exactly new; it’s been available for months. However, many have avoided it for the sake of efficiency, especially those in eCommerce. While the old version runs fine and has become comfortable …read more »

Google Shopping Holiday Feed Restrictions

Ecommerce businesses that participate in Google’s comparison shopping engine, Google Shopping, should take notice of a few changes for the holiday season. According to this recent update from Google, new data feeds submitted after November 22, 2011 will be restricted to 500 products until further notice. It’s important to note, …read more »

New Google Product Search Data Feed Requirements – United States

eCommerce companies who participate in Google’s comparison shopping engine, Google Product Search, could see a decline in referrals come September 22, 2011. Google has released a new version of required attributes, intended to make the comparison shopping experience better the for end user. Online retailers may find themselves in dire …read more »

How is Redefining Comparison Shopping Search

TheFind: Defined started from humble beginnings like many successful businesses before it.  An entrepreneur with seven successful ventures behind him listened to his wife softly vent about how difficult it was to not only find products and prices but also adequate merchant details and policies while shopping online. The …read more »

Data Feed Optimization Discussion – Palo Alto – SVAMA

The Silicon Valley American Marketing Association is hosting a discussion on Data Feed Optimization as part of an explosive e-commerce marketing plan.  If you are in the Palo Alto area and can swing it, you should not miss the Web Strategy Morning Forum. From the SVAMA event description – “E-Commerce sales are skyrocketing. …read more »

What is Data Feed Optimization or… “Data Feed Optimization, we already do Search Engine Optimization?”

E-commerce marketing is experiencing a welcomed re-birth, and it only stands to get better. With the combination of emerging technologies, m-commerce, social commerce and comparison shopping engine opportunities, it’s becoming hard for even the most seasoned e-tailer to know if they are doing everything they can to stay ahead of …read more »

It’s November… Do you Know Where Your Products Are?

The holiday shopping season is already underway.  Long gone is the time that  holiday shopping kicked off the day after Thanksgiving.  Retail shelves are already full of holiday offerings.  What is amazing is that shopping carts are already full of holiday products. I ventured into the local Walmart on Halloween fully …read more »

How To Optimize Feeds To Maximize Your Exposure In Shopping Engine Results

Following is a great article on the need to maximize your exposure in top CSE’s (Comparison Shopping Engines) using data feed optimization.  One thing, though…  For the novice, this is a great article about what needs to be done but does not explain HOW to make this happen. Excerpts taken from May …read more »