Meet Vertical Rail

Engineering Profit For Brands Since 2008

Our Story

Vertical Rail was founded in 2008 by Andrew Arenson and Linda Bateman, veteran marketers in the digital marketing and ecommerce industries. Prior to founding Vertical Rail, they spent the previous decade helping brands establish themselves online. They built their reputation on everything from marketplace management and comparison shopping, to consumer products and how they fit into the ever-evolving e-tail space.

After launching Vertical Rail as a brand focused on Google PPC and comparison shopping, they decided to turn their full focus to working with manufacturers. They teamed up with leading manufacturers and their internal operations teams to find out how to best prepare their products for entry into the Amazon marketplace.

The team set out to build a business that redefined the standards for companies entering and competing in Amazon. They studied every aspect of the brand seller’s journey from product sourcing and pricing, to the necessity of product launches and MAP policy. Through it all, they found that brand preparedness and profit walk hand in hand.

By applying this information and through extensive experience launching products and campaigns in this advertising-ready state, the team is able to predict and achieve results for its clients with consistent and pinpoint reliability.

Now that the model has proven successful, the team has set its sights on expanding to serve sellers, brand owners and manufacturers large and small.

Our Mission

As advocates for our clients, we arm brands with the strategy, knowledge and resources they need to overcome challenges and make important marketing & advertising decisions with confidence.


The following core values guide how we run our business:


We approach every project with skin in the game.


Collaborative effort produces exponential rewards.


High-quality work yields the greatest long-lasting value.


All details matter to the bottom line.


We are constantly learning, growing, and pushing to achieve greatness.


Client success is our success.

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