Promotional Text Retiring For Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

Google Changes How Info is Applied to PLA’s

If you use promotional text on your Google Shopping Product Listing Ads, then you most likely received a Google announcement stating that this feature will be retired on September 30, 2015.

What does this mean for advertisers? It means that Google is changing how information is applied to Product Listing Ads (PLA’s). However, before we go into that – let’s understand what the promotional text is that is going away is.

If you are setting up Google Shopping campaigns under the Ad Group, you are prompted to enter promotional text:

Google Promotional Text in Campaign Setup

You can also view the existing promotional text for a campaign or ad group under the Ads tab:

Adding Google Promotional Text in Campaign Setup

This text is limited to 45 characters and could be used for non-coded offers or highlighting a feature of your business. The promotion text is limited where it can show. If your ad is displayed in the SERP’s (search engine results page) it can only be seen if you hover your mouse over the image:

Google Promotional Text in SERPs

Compared to Google Merchant Center Promotions which allows you to have coded promotions show with a Special Offer tag on all PLA’s, the promotional text is a passive form of promoting.

If you are wondering what action to take to prepare for this upcoming change of Promotional Text retiring, then please note that the promotion text will retire with no need for action. However, this may be an opportunity to think about how you create promotions. Do you use codes? If so, Merchant Promotions are an active way to promote your product offers (Free Shipping, 10% Off, Buy This, Get This, and more) on Google Shopping:

Google Shopping Special Offer

Google encourages advertisers to focus on available Shopping extensions (Merchant promotions, Product ratings or Trusted stores) in place of the promotional text. If you have any questions about this change with Promotional Text or any Shopping extensions, please contact us.


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