Quick Tips for Good Google Shopping Titles

Titles in Product Feed Can Have Major Effects

Bad product titles can confuse shoppers, raise costs, discourage clicks, and have many more adverse effects on your Google Shopping campaign. While optimizing titles SKU by SKU can be very tedious, eliminating bad titles from your product feed can have profound effects on impressions, clicks, and conversions. These quick tips will help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your product titles.

Optimizing Google Product Titles Chart

Use Concise Language

Have you ever searched for a “deep lilac shirt” or “absolutely the toughest drums”? Probably not. Simpler, more concise adjectives like “purple” or “durable” often have a higher search volume and give readers more information in fewer words. As with any ecommerce content, it is essential to keep your audience in mind when writing product titles. Remember, if you find the title too limiting, more detailed, ornate language can always be included in the product description.

Include Relevant Information

Titles with only one keyword and a product number can show up in unrelated search queries, generate irrelevant impressions and clicks, and drive up costs. Conversely, including product category, brand, color, and other relevant information in titles makes it easier for interested shoppers to find and purchase your products. By including strategic, pointed descriptors in your titles, you can effectively change the size and composition of your audience.

Follow Google Protocols

When submitting a product feed to Google Shopping, you will need to follow Google’s protocols. In the case of product titles, Google prohibits BLOCK CAPITALS, promotional text, titles exceeding 70 characters, among other practices. Operating outside of these guidelines can result in ranking penalization or suspension from Google Shopping. To avoid any unnecessary penalties be sure to read Google’s product feed specification and editorial guidelines pages.


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